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Manure Bucket

Farm Implements

Custom Manufacture Repair, Structural & Cosmetic Service

Landol Refurb


Refurb including Bodies, Decks, Bale Trucks, Wiring Solutions, Zinc Bars, Chassis Grounds

Iron Maiden BBQ Smoker


Mig/ Tig/ Arc / Plasma / Oxygen and Acetylene


Custom Coatings

Zinc, Epoxy, Polyurethane

Catering to the Ag Community

the Heart & Soul of our Province

Truck Mounted Bale Deck Refurbished

Bale Deck Refurbished

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Landol Trailer Refurb
No Job is too BIG or too small

Landol Trailer Refurbished

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Blasted and inspected for deficiencies Resolved hydraulic issues-replaced selector valve, repaired hydraulic spools, tuned pup motor, Resolved Wiring issues by proper solder & shrink tubing, pig tails, replaced lights & grommets, installed conspicuous tape, all top coating, zinc phosphate primer, polyurethane top coat & polished aluminum rims

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